Spike Cohen, The Only Anti-Occupation Vice Presidential Candidate

Spike Cohen

As the 2020 political cycle grinds on the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, Spike Cohen an Activist, Entrepreneur and podcaster; has continually reaffirmed his stance on the U.S. occupying foreign country's. We decided to ask Mr. Cohen a unique question, one that could truly show his stance on any occupation, "What is your stance on the British Occupation of Northern Ireland?"

Back story: "The Troubles"

Many may not know but Ireland has been under hostile occupation for over six hundred years. With in recent times we have seen the Irish resolve, taking on one of the worlds largest military's repeatedly. Starting in the year 1916, we began to see the first signs of social revolution from their British overlords.

"The Flying Column" originally founded as a local militia East of Limerick began spreading through out Ireland. By the year 1920 The Flying Column became widely known. The execution of the original leaders of the Easter Uprising would drive the populace of Ireland to aid the Irish Republican Army in the 1920's, leading to a free Irish state.

With the creation of the Irish free state Ireland became peaceful for a short time, however, this would not last for long. Only 46 years, later the tension would broil once more. October of 1968 would see the troubles resurge full force following a banned civil rights march clashing with the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). This would lead to another 30 continuous years of war between the IRA, INLA, RUC, and the British Military.

One of the most widely known incidents from "The Troubles" was the hunger strike led by Bobby Sands on March 1st, 1981. Sands would go on hunger strike for 66 days before eventually passing away, he was followed by nine volunteers who all met a similar fate. This act would lead to massive public outcry against the "H-Block" , unethical treatment of POW's, and Margaret Thatcher herself.

1981 Hunger Strike fatalities, Bobby Sands top row 3rd from the left

In recent times we have seen the British attempt to shirk international law with the Brexit deal, a move that will violate the peace accord with Ireland, and will ultimately lead another revival of the IRA. Recently Petrol Bombs have been thrown at emergency responders in Lurgan.

We reached out to Spike and asked him directly, "What is your stance on the British Occupation of Northern Ireland?"

Spike Cohen: "We Oppose All Occupations"

Spike: "We oppose all occupations, I usually talk about our own, but that goes for everyone"

Spike is one of the few consistent politicians, he doesn't change his views in exchange for cash and he maintains a constant drive for freedom for all, not just some.

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