Republicans Targeted Following Libertarian Silencing on Facebook

Facebook Strikes Again

On September 3rd, 2020, Facebook began a campaign of censorship and voter suppression. They began by targeting groups created solely on political beliefs. "The American Libertarian Army", "Dank Libertarians", and other Libertarian groups were targeted. 45 Groups were taken down within minutes, no reasons why, no explanation for censorship of political messages. Just a group that no longer exists.

As of today September 8th, 2020, Facebook has started a campaign against Republican Pages. Over 61 large Facebook groups were removed without a whisper. Facebook is engaged in conduct that should have their section 230 privileges' revoked. Targeting groups based on politics is active voter suppression and should not be tolerated within the United States.

Unaffected Groups

Democratic Party related pages are not being censored whatsoever, this includes groups the democratic sponsor is affiliated with, such as BLM, Antifa, ECOT's, etc. We have clear cut evidence of a social platform using its leverage to manipulate a political process and it must be stopped. Facebook has gone so far as to deem someone who hasn't gone through the judicial system as a mass murder, before the public has access to the facts.

The other groups unaffected by Facebooks ban waves would be Pedophilia and sex trafficking related groups. Facebook has many hidden within plain site that operate on a keyword basis. The American Libertarian Army takes pride in Doxxing their users to the public, and to the proper law enforcement authorities.

  • Were Users personally affected?

Yes, Users from both the Libertarian Party and Republican Party have faced personal account bans related to their membership within certain groups.

  • Did this effect all political parties?

No, the only party out of the top four to go on unscathed is the Democratic party. Facebook will not censor posts related to the Democratic Party's message.

Lifenews first exposed Facebooks Political censorship early this year.

“If you see a conservative post you just get rid of it, right?” The unnamed moderator responded, saying, “Yes! I don’t give no f*cks, I’ll delete it.” Daniel Will, a content moderator at Cognizant, said to the camera, “Facebook shadowbans. Facebook is notorious for it, they say they don’t but, it’s clear that people’s content don’t come because it’s been de-filtered off the queue

Check out article on the Libertarian Censorship that happened less than a week prior here

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