Operation: Gold Ohio

The American Libertarian Army founders have decided that we must begin to unite those like us. We must begin populating areas with our members in mass, shifting political balances. This is the only way our party will ever truly get a foothold within our current political system.


We have done our research, and we've decided on Pike County Ohio as being ground zero for the immigration and integration of American Libertarian Army members, and members of the national Libertarian party. Pike County Ohio is located in South-Eastern Ohio.


Pike County Ohio is home to the cheapest land acreage in the state with an average acre costing $750. With land that cheap and a population of 25,000 for the entire county, shifting the political and economical landscape of this area can be done rapidly. The Terrain is well suited for people that just want to be left alone, Appalachian foot hills, where nature is your privacy wall.


With our extensive local contacts with realtors, brokers, and businesses; we have set up a plan for our members. We will use our contacts to help you find quality land, housing, jobs, community events, etc. in order to better establish our groups foundation. We as Libertarians must help our countrymen and county by county, we will begin expanding the Libertarian movement using these methods.

Current ALA Population

The ALA currently has 317 members located in Pike County Ohio. A majority of which are located in the city of Waverly. This does not include members from surrounding counties, or the rest of Ohio itself.

Where do I signup?

Please Email the ALA directly at support@americanlibertarian.org

We will reply within 24 hours of receiving your email and get you on the path to becoming a member of the first Libertarian County of Ohio.

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