Libertarian Principles

A Changing World

In this day and age of a constantly shifting political landscape we must be more vigilant than ever of what we allow to pass as acceptable under our party's purview. We must not align with those who wish to implement a system more tyrannical than the one currently in place while not siding with existing tyranny.


We must never side with the Bolsheviks, the ideology itself was created for the sole purpose of subversion and sabotage of an entire nation, not simply a drastically over reaching government. It may speak of equality, but in reality things like the Khmer Rouge sprout.


We cannot divide ourselves with trivial adjectives in terms of political spectrums, we are all Libertarians, or you're not one of us. No more, "Left Leaning Libertarian" or "Right-Leaning Libertarian", simply Libertarians.


We must do away with the NAP. It only hinders our ability and our appearance in the public eye , we must no longer hide behind a façade of constant weakness.


We must believe that anything another does, as long as a victim is not created, is there right to do whatever that thing is without interference from others. Drugs? Let people do them, buy them, sell them, etc. it's nobodies business what people choose to do. Firearms? You want an RPG? Go buy one from Amazon is our outlook, until its used in a criminal manner it is simply an object. We must demand the freedom to act for ourselves.

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