Libertarian Party of Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio was founded in 1972 and as a party have only had five people placed into local positions of power, we have yet to ever see any fruitful endeavors by the party with in our founding state. We must strive to surpass this weak footing our party can say it holds onto, we must push for representatives of ours to be in every election humanely possible. We currently have a minimal number of candidates to represent the Libertarian party of Ohio, which must be deemed as unacceptable by our members.

We have many electoral possibilities open, get in touch with one of our ALA representatives and we will work to get you on the ballot as a member of the Libertarian Party of Ohio and more specifically, as a representative of the American Libertarian Army. Today we are the strongest party behind the two major political parties of Ohio, but for how long do we retain this meaningless title if we do not strive for more?

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