In North Carolina Campaign Stop, Libertarian Nominee Dr. Jo Jorgensen Calls For End To Big Business!

In Durham Libertarian Presidential Nominee, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, Lamented the beliefs that have seen her following sky rocket. A federal government that is, "too big, too bossy, too nosy and too intrusive” and must be drastically reduced. She would later go on to say, “We need to put the decision-making power back into your hands, because you know what’s best for you,” She said to a cheering crowd of over 250 people. Virtually no one at the rally followed the states mask mandate, or maintaining the six feet distancing of other attendees.

Jorgensen's list of big government failures didn't pull any punches, with the most notable things being:

  • Unneeded Mass Military Spending

  • Covid-19 Lockdowns

  • A broken Health Care System

Jorgensen spoke of a Libertarian administration that would allow the free market to correct problems, not the government or its restraints. “Where’s the bottom line on defunding programs with the federal government? As low as we can go,” she said. “The federal government should only be involved in part of the court system and the military. And that’s it.”

This will be her Jorgensen's 3rd run for office, with the previous attempts being running for South Carolina's 4th Congressional District seat and a Vice Presidential run in 1996. She was nominated by the Libertarian Party in May following her defeat of Vermin Supreme.

After the rally in an interview with 'The News and Observer' Jorgensen went on to speak about a Libertarian administrations stance on Covid and the recent stimulus check, “The first thing I would do, and I wouldn’t expect to be successful, but I would try to get as much money back from the large corporations as I could that we gave money to because they should not have been given any money."

She would later go on to say “I would open it up so people could get back to work, and reduce taxes," things like the pay roll tax, allowing companies to bring on more employees at better wages. Her platform also stood on the basis of criminal justice reform, “I want to defund the police from a federal level. Now whether a local police department wants to defund the police, that’s up to them. I have no position on local police,” she said, adding that if a local police department decided to opt for even greater investment in policing “people can always move to another part of the country.” she would go on to say.

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