Jorgensen Challenges Biden To Debate!

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jo Jorgensen has officially challenged former Vice President Joe Biden to debate on Live Television. This comes less than a week after Jorgensen was bitten by a bat while on the campaign trail, forcing her to a miss a scheduled rally in Louisiana. Jorgensen is currently on a bus tour speaking on many topics that hit close to home for the average American; Bringing the troops home, Freeing non-violent criminals, and cutting an ever ballooning government back to its rightful place.

Biden has yet to respond to Dr. Jorgensen's challenge, his party however has not been silent, although, it has little to do with Dr. Jorgensen's challenge and more to do with the unfitness of their own nominee. "Let's Scrap the Presidential Debates" - Elizabeth Drew, Joe Biden Supporter, NY Times OP-ED writer.

Trump was also challenged by Dr. Jorgensen, he also has yet to respond. However is crowd seems quite willing and interested in seeing him debate, unlike their democrat counterpart. Trump doesn't seem like the type to shy away from a debate, which may be the best outlet we have for getting our message out to the masses, if Joe wont go, Jo will!

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