Facebook Silencing Libertarians **Update**

Updated: Sep 8

In recent weeks, Facebook has started an active campaign against Libertarians and their movement. As of 4:30 PM September 3, 2020, over 45 Libertarian groups have been silently removed from Facebook, leaving their members in the dark.

Groups Targeted

Specifically targeted for our beliefs on the 2nd amendment, militias, and personal freedom. We have however restarted the group, and are rapidly increasing our member count. In the hour since we've been "zucced", we're already back to 150 members and growing rapidly.

  • "Dank Libertarians"

Targeted specifically for their Libertarian beliefs on the laws of the United States, and the constitutionality of them.

  • "Sons of Liberty: Tokyo Drift [Redactus]"

Targeted specifically for their Libertarian beliefs on firearm laws, militias, and the 2nd amendment.

  • "CNN Bois"

Targeted specifically for their libertarian beliefs on firearm laws, Self-defense laws, and anti Establishment sentiment.

These are just a handful of the Libertarian oriented groups that Zuckerberg has silenced. He is actively suppressing political activities not associated with the standing duopoly and has given us a prime example of why Facebook's section 230 protections must be revoked.


Following the ban wave, more groups have formed and more people have begun looking into the Libertarian movement. Google keyword searches related to "Libertarian" have increased nearly six fold. With, "Operation: Gold Ohio" moving forward, Libertarians are finally becoming a party of legitimacy against the Duopoly, facing active suppression and subversion tactics by American Mega-Corporations; the true owners of our political system.

Every day we draw closer to a world where these corporations cannot hide behind decades old laws developed for completely different purposes, we must hold Facebook, and companies like Facebook, to a standard and remove these laws protecting their criminal behavior.

You Could Be Next!

In an age where the people who simply want their freedoms away from prying eyes are the people actively being targeted for suppression, how long until other groups of differing ideas are targeted? How long until the Green Party is targeted? Religious groups? They are already targeting social groups, any one could be next.

This is not the America intended for us by the Founding Fathers of this nation, or any of the great minds that have worked towards bettering it. This is corporatism that's grown beyond any available checks and balances.

If we do not begin voting by our presence on Facebooks site, we will never be able to control it. We must shift our focus to Social Media that will not suppress American voices, of any creed.

What can you do?

Make your voice heard, do not allow corporations to silence you. Have multiple accounts created through VPNs on stand by, if you get, "Zucced" become louder.

Recruit like minded individuals and spread the Libertarian principles to anyone you can. This allows you to have an even louder voice, for you use the voice of others as an amplifier. We must show corporations that silencing us, only emboldens us.

Who doesn't Zuckerberg bother?

Facebook seems to have a lackluster system in place for detecting groups focused around Child Pornography, Human trafficking, and other horrific criminal syndicates. While they've been banning groups like ours, we've been busy exposing these groups to the world. Including their members, which are predominantly teachers, to their local communities.

Facebook has no problem banning Libertarians, but will stand up for a pedophilia related group after hundreds of reports and even tips to the FBI about them. Zuckerberg, and his community standards staff, need to be held criminally responsible for their actions.


Facebook has doubled down on its suppression tactics and began deleting Republican affiliated groups and pages. You can check out more on this topic here

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