Civil War Looming, Eye For An Eye Tactics Used In The Streets

Updated: Sep 5

"The American Troubles"

As the 2020 political cycle grows ever closer to its conclusion, the violence within America continues to escalate. We have both right and left wing extremist killing off members of the opposing side, weekly, while portions of our government advocate for these protests; while the rest do nothing. Actions reminiscent of "The Troubles" taking place on American soil, while corporations continually censor opposing ideologies.

We as a nation have grown hostile towards one another; all under the direction of media, and a propaganda campaign started in American Academia in the mid-1950's, being a direct consequence of "Operation: Paperclip". I personally see no way of avoiding a Civil Conflict following the November elections. This conflict has already claimed multiple lives on both sides, from Charleston to Portland, the conflict has only escalated with time.

Portland Shootings

Over the previous weekend a right wing protester was killed by a radical member of Antifa in the city of Portland, OR. "Aaron J Danielson" is on camera being hunted by members of Antifa, which can be heard in the audio clip *Here* "There's one over here!" before shooting the man multiple times for wearing a "MAGA" hat.

The shooter, Michael Forest Reinoehl, was a self-proclaimed Antifa extremist. With statements in support of that filling his Facebook profile. He was killed by US Marshalls last night, September 3, in the process of attempting apprehension. Many believe this all to be connected to the shootings in Kenosha. This marks the fifth killing of opposing political ideologies this week, with no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Kenosha Shootings

  • August 23, 2020

A man named Jacob Blake was shot in the back repeatedly by police. A situation that is completely unacceptable in its nature, you never murder a man with his back turned to you in order to protect oneself. Yes, the man had a criminal history, yes he was breaking the law, that does not give police officers free reign to murder whom they please.

  • August 25, 2020

A 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse shoots three people at a riot, with the entire exchange being captured on multiple videos from multiple angles. The incident began when a "Joseph D Rosenbaum" set a dumpster on fire, Rittenhouse extinguished the fire which enraged Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum would go on to chase and attack Rittenhouse while he was attempting to retreat from the mob, a secondary rioter fired a handgun into the air while Rosenbaum was chasing Rittenhouse, leading Rittenhouse to turn and defend himself from an oncoming threat . Rosenbaum is a convicted sex offender with a rap sheet of violence. He raped multiple nine to eleven year old boys in Pima Arizona while also burning them with cigarettes.

Following that incident, more members of the mob began to descend upon Rittenhouse, one being "Anthony Huber" a Domestic Abuser with a felony Strangulation charge against a woman, Abuse charges against his kids; another "Gaige Grosskreutz" a convicted Burglar in possession of a firearm that feigned a surrender before attempting to attack Rittenhouse when he lowered his weapon. Both were shot when attempting attack Rittenhouse while he was retreating. Huber collapsed on the scene and later died, Grosskreuts will most likely require an amputation of his arm.

As the seasons change the violence will only escalate as corporations and government continually try to suppress both sides speech, driving a wedge between them that will only be removed by bloodshed. So join up with you local movements today, the ALA is always accepting members and we are actively seeking to make local changes before national changes. Support us today by signing up for our forum, liking our Facebook page, and spreading the word about the Libertarian movement!

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