Bypassing All Facebook Bans

Have you been using that 1st amendment of yours? Find yourself in trouble with the Facebook community standards? No worries! This guide is a step by step instructional on how to bypass hardware and IP bans on Facebook (Or any other site for that matter)

First let's talk about Virtual Machines, Virtual Machines are basically computers within a computer. You can allocate your system hardware to run multiple desktops at the same time, each with a unique hardware ID you can manipulate!

Virtual Machines are extremely popular within Virtual Currency farming organizations. It allows them to run multiple bots on remote servers 24/7. This became popular due to game creators issuing "IP Bans" or "Hardware Bans". The same predicament we find ourselves in with Facebook.


  • Your Operating System of Choice

  • PC

  • 30GB Free Storage

So to get started:

Download Oracle VM Virtual Box Here

Open the executable file


Select the locations you would like shortcuts and next.

Click Yes

Select install

Finish installing, now we need to choose an ISO image, any Operating System that offers easy access to a browser will do, I've chosen SparkyLinux

Download your chosen ISO image

Once you have your new ISO image downloaded, go to VirtualBox and select "New"

Name your Virtual Machine, Select your platform, and then the specific type of Operating System . Next.

Allocate RAM to your Virtual Machine. I personally recommend allocating 4GB for smooth performance but you can honestly get away with 512MB. Next.

Select "Create A Virtual Hard Disk Now".

Select VirtualBox Disc Image (VDI). Next.

Select "Fixed Size". Next.

Allocate enough space for you Operating system + 5GB. I generally use 25GB just to be safe.

Wait for the storage to be created, Once finished, select your machine and hit start.

Now select your Operating System ISO. Start.

Congratulations! You've just created your first Virtual Machine.

Now you can bypass any hardware related bans/flags!

Now lets move onto changing up your IP while on the virtual machine!

Hiding your IP

You have two options:

Option A: Purchase a VPN Subscription and use their network.

Option B: Purchase a SOCKS Proxy for your own personal use.

The differences:

VPNs are used by large numbers of people and can be flagged by Facebook, however this is rare, but it does happen. Multiple people connect to the same server which is the IP that will display once connected.

A SOCKS Proxy is completely private and only you and the provider have access to it. Flags are virtually non-existent. You can usually request at least 1 IP change per billing cycle in case you do get flagged. For the person that doesn't mind manually setting up networks and connections.


Head over to VyprVPN for an 80% discount from our link on a no logs, no data retention policy backed by a Pro-1st amendment organization, Golden Frog, Out of Switzerland. All you have to do is subscribe to their service, download their easy to use application, and click connect. Perfect for the person looking for simplicity, ease, and an easy way to access shows blocked in your region! Looking at you gentlemen in the Armed Services stationed in Japan, you know what I'm talking about

SOCKS <<<Complete SOCKS guide coming soon, Stay Tuned!>>>

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