Duncan Lemp, still no answers

"I am Lemp, We are Many"

On March 12th, 2020, Duncan Lemp was murdered in his home while he slept by the Montgomery County Police Department's SWAT team. It happened during a "High-Risk" raid against an individual, Duncan Lemp, whom met none of the criteria for a high risk warrant to be issued. From the very first day we had conflicting reports coming from both the Montgomery County Police Department and Duncan Lemp's neighbors all while the body cam footage was being sealed by the Police Department.

The official Police Department narrative is Duncan Lemp came to the door and confronted them with a rifle and was repeatedly told to drop the weapon. This would still leave a major problem for the State, the reason this warrant was issued, a man that committed no crimes, was not violent, and posed no immediate threat to anyone had his 2nd Amendment right ripped away from his lifeless body.

The neighbor's accounts make this situation far worse for any followers of the Libertarian principles. The neighbor states the Montgomery County Police Department SWAT team fired through Duncan Lemp's window before eventually using flash and concussion grenades to intimidate the rest of Duncan's Kin into submission. This type of action is reminiscent of Soviet Bloc era KGB squads carrying out hits under the order of the Kremlin.

Duncan Lemp

This tragedy has shown a spotlight on the draconian laws that were put into place by the Duopoly our countrymen have adopted, in direct contradiction to all of our Libertarian principles. Judicial Watch has sued the department for any and all videos involved in this tragedy. Duncan Lemp was trying to create a P2P encryption method that the government couldn't back door, he paid for that Libertarian Principle with his life and we must not let it be in vein.

Without the ongoing commitment of Judicial Watch, the case would have been completely swept under the rug, a fellow libertarian murdered without consequence. The ALA would personally like to thank them for their ongoing efforts and would like to offer any support we could possibly render to them. We will see this video one day, or we'll know without doubt a comrade was murdered.

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