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About American Libertarian Army

Founded July 4th 2020 as an escape for true Libertarians capable of making change. Following the horrific tragedies of Duncan Lemp and Breonna Taylor, we decided we as a people must stand united, be it against all foes foreign and domestic.

5 Year Plan

Setup Libertarian Stronghold in Founding State. Increase membership population through the active promotion of libertarian principles while maintaining our image of libertarian beliefs. Our population goal is One Million members by July 4th, 2025. 

Distance ourselves from the current Libertarian party of Ohio due to their weak efforts within the state, only ever getting five public officials elected to local positions, and instead promote a movement the average people can get behind.

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Do Your Part For The Libertarian Party!

We believe that there is no singular answer—every little bit helps when it comes to making an impact due to the Libertarian Party's unusualness in the eyes of other party's. There are many meaningful ways you can help us succeed in our mission. Have an idea that’s not listed below? Reach out and let us know.


The Libertarian cause will always need volunteers, your help allows us to grow as a political power in the United States.

Planning a Fundraiser

Active participation is an essential part of our movement’s success. Planning a Fundraiser is a great way to connect with your local community and spread the importance of our mission. With several different campaigns, it is easy to find something that personally inspires you.

Organizing an Event

Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By Organizing an Event, you become a crucial part of our movement by making sure that our mission is heard and has a far-reaching, lasting impact.